A wild ratty appeared.

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Just so everyone knows, Basil is okay. Right now, she is recovering from that pretty nasty seizure in her favorite place, my bra.
Whenever an animal has a seizure, the best you can do is keep them from hurting themselves (namely on their side) and talk in a soft, soothing voice. Coming out of it will make the transition better. Be prepared for bowel or bladder movements and drooling. Keep your hands away from their faces and allow them to seize. If possible, time the seizure, the vet will want to know that type of information.
Once the animal is done seizing, wait for them to get up. Don’t move them, it can cause a second seizure. Once the animal is upright on their own, comfort them and pet them and cuddle them. They don’t understand what happened nor can they understand it. Always use a calm voice. I know it’s hard and scary to witness but if you are upset, it will not make the situation any better.
Always keep an eye on the animal after that and provide lots of soft places for them to sleep. Theu will be exhausted!
Once you speak with a vet and get medicine, prepare for intense hunger and a little bit of odd behavior for a few weeks while the meds get into their system. The seizures will not be as frequent or as long but the animal will still have them, so be aware of that.
In the case of rats, if you catch them before they run frantically, wrap them up and keep a firm but gentle grip on them. If the rat is already running, wait until after they stop and do the same with the rat burrito. Once they are okay, check for any injuries.

I know, it is probably the scariest thing in rat ownership, at least one of them. But keeping calm is the best you can do
If your vet prescribes medicine, please get a natural liver suppliment. Phenobarbital especially is hard on the liver.

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Even with the medicine, Basil still has the occasional seizure. We found that if we see her showing warning signs, it helps to grab her and hold her before she seizes. It minimizes damage she would cause to herself and the other rats if she were to seize inside the cage.

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Bálin enjoys water :)


Marceline hiding


Marceline hiding

Bedtime for Rat Owners
  • Me: Goodnight, rats! See you in the morning!
  • Rats: *lounging peacefully in the space pod*
  • Me: *turns off light, goes to bed*
  • Rats: *squeaking, fighting, shrieking, and random rat-murder sounds*
  • Me: *jumps out of bed and turns on light* WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THERE??!!?!?
  • Rats: *lounging peacefully in the space pod*


My breeder might have rex himis………….. i might get a sixth rat

It’s okay, we have ten.
Two are currently looking for new homes but so far no luck.


oh my fucking godmom thought he is dead


oh my fucking god
mom thought he is dead

Anonymous asked: I found this spot on flea stuff called Beaphar that is specifically for rats and ferrets, rabbits etc - basically smaller animals. The main ingredient is Ivermectin. Is this safe to use at all?


Depends, what are the other ingredients? Like, you can use ivermectin on rats. A lot of people use just ivermectin. I don’t know how this Beaphar stuff is different.

- Dark

Ivermectin is actually just about useless on rats now uwu mites are immune to it. Also dog/cat fleas are species specific and don’t bite rodents. You have to worry more about the different kind of mites a rat can get rather than fleas.


Rowan does not enjoy cage-cleaning day but he is always amazed by his stuff moving around while he’s gone. He has also figured out how to get onto the “cloud”!

Rat Food Nutritional Comparison


I have decided to make a list comparing the nutritional information of certain brands of rat food, so you don’t have to! Hopefully this will help you pick the perfect food for you little rattie.

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This month we celebrated some birthdays. Happy 1st birthday to Pie, Sci, and Moo! And a happy belated 3rd birthday to Asti, our little oldie :)



Anonymous asked: What type of cage do you have?

A double critter nation! uwu

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Her name is Moo and she has lots of animal friends.