haliratsrattery asked: Your blog is amazing! Ahhh! :)

Oh! Thank you very much!! c: I’m glad you like it.


Man, being a rescue is…amazing. The feeling you get when the animal goes to a great new home…

Once we are able to rescue more animals, I’m thinking maybe accepting donations for the rats rescued.. for vet visits, neuters, and the such. uwu

We will probably never accept more than two to three…


Rupert, you are getting so big & handsome ❤️ (photos of him at 7 weeks and him now at 3 1/2 months!) I wish he would have stayed fuzzy forever XP

He’s super playful and gives me kisses often now. I’m pretty sure he was the runt of the litter, his head is pretty small compared to his body. I think he’s so cute though, he often reminds me of Qubert ☺️

Meet Cinnamon and Nutmeg

Cinnamon and Nutmeg are two girls out of four babies that happened to be born at a store. Due to policies, they had to be adopted out rather than sold, therefore we took them in and are currently fostering them.
These two agouti hooded dumbo girls are six weeks old and the cutest things ever. I wish we didn’t have to give them up, but that would be too many rats for us to handle.
So, here at Reedtown, we are actively seeking an excellent home that can take care of these girls. If there is ANYONE in the Pacific Northwest that would be interested in these girls, please, let us know! We are near Portland, Oregon.

These two have no health problems, no neurological problems, and are so very sweet. Nutmeg has the “v” shape end to her hood while Cinnamon is a straight line across. They are ready now and need a good home <3

As per our rescue guidelines, the possible adopter will be interviewed, must take pictures of the set up and has to sign a contract and agreement. Each baby will come with a hammock and a bag of food. Their adoption fee is $20 and we have a cage that will house them, for an extra $15. If we have to travel more than 30 minutes, there will be a delivery fee. uwu;;

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Mouse cage!

Mouse cage!

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Bittersweet day

Today, we say goodbye to dear Jane. We had a good time and she will be missed.
However, I am positive she went to an excellent home!

Gah, I wanna cry in happiness AND sadness. ;;

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Update on updates uwu

So Elizabeth, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg are kind of stuck with us now. Bless my friend’s heart, she still lives with her family and they suddenly changed their minds. Elizabeth is suddenly showing sever aggression issues towards the babies so I’m going to have to figure something out ewe Rearranging the room is going to end up being a thing because our cage cannot hold all these rats xD


The two most basic rules of keeping rats are the two most common rules I see broken.


It is only ever acceptable to keep a rat alone if it is highly rat aggressive and cannot be introduced to other rats OR if it is an elderly rat whose…


For several reasons, I ended up taking in 11 rescue rats when I was expecting more like 3. There do not appear to be any rescues in the area that cater beyond dogs, cats and farm animals, though I will keep looking. I really believe I can take in them all, but I have disabilities that make it…

If I wasn’t on mobile, I’d give you some basic advice, but I suck at typing on smart phones and misspell every other word. SO. If you have any specific questions, go ahead and send me fanmail or an ask. c:


Okay. A couple things to let everyone know. For a while, we had 12 rats over here. Carla, Russell, Amir, Jasmine, Piper, Stella, Jane, Elizabeth, Basil, Alice, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg.

**Piper, Stella, and Jane were rescues from a neglectful situation, and we were fostering them indefinitely until we found the right home for Stella and Jane (my mom fell in love with Piper so we’re keeping her).

**Alice was pulled from the feeder tank and was scared and skittish but she had a lot of potential.

**Cinnamon and Nutmeg are babies the local PetSmart asked us to take. One of their rats had given birth, and since it’s against policy, the babies couldn’t be sold.

So far, we’ve found homes for a lot of these guys!
**Alice and Stella were rehomed to a person who has a lot of time and experience working with skittish rats.

**Elizabeth, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg are going to someone new to rats, but is completely open to learning about proper husbandry. Originally, she was just going to take the babies, but she also fell head over heels for Elizabeth, so we’re letting all three go.

**Jane has a potential home lined up with a long-time rat owner. Since she’s the least socialized because of her neglect and used to be very cage aggressive, she’s being rehomed with a contract agreement, so if they don’t want her for any reason, she is to be returned to us. She’s stopped biting and lunging and is actually very sweet! She’s made so much progress with us. But the contract protects her in case something goes wrong.

That will bring is down to six rats…which means room for more rescues!! Reedtown Rat Rescue is totally going to be a thing. :D



okay, well, it’s more of a surprised squeak than a scream

but she still overreacts about any interaction with humans or other rats lmao

[Penelope has microthalmia; her eyes are different sized <: ]

idliketobeamazingoneday asked: Hi!! I noticed you have a ratty litter box in your babies' house. I am trying to make my rats start using a litter box too. How did you do it?!

You want to try and make it smell like a bathroom. We usually scoop up all their stray poops and toss ‘em in. Every time they poop on the shelf, we toss it in. Sooner or later, they get the idea. It also helps to have the litter box a fair distance away from where they sleep since prey animals naturally don’t potty near the spot they sleep for safety reasons.

There are four rats on this tiny 7&#8221; x  5&#8221; hammock&#8230;

There are four rats on this tiny 7” x 5” hammock…

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I love it when the butts enjoy fresh home grown veggies, flowers and berries.




I would really like to donate hammocks to needy rat owners who otherwise can’t afford it. The only problem is that I, myself do not earn a lot of money and I can’t really afford to do that. I’d love it if I could set up a system where people could donate fabrics or money so I could make hammocks…

Maybe all of the rat blogs could get together and make a giant hammock pool. Everyone who can sew and has the money to makes a couple of hammocks. If we got a lot of people doing it, we’d have plenty of hammocks to send out to needy rat owners. c: That way, you don’t have to do all that sewing by yourself.

That is exactly the sort of thing I want to do, the only problem is organizing it :c I mean, how would we decide who gets hammocks? Just get everyone to sign up and work through the list one at a time? How do we decide who gets how many hammocks? By the number of rats they have? 

Also there’s the thing of donating to rat rescues, I’d LOVE to donate hammocks to some rat rescues, but again, it’s a matter of deciding which rescues to donate to, how many hammocks etc etc.

It’s a lot to organize and I’m just not sure how to go about it.

It would probably be best to donate to organizations first and let them distribute the hammocks as they see fit. If we donated to individuals, maybe we could make it first come, first serve. Otherwise, picking and choosing would probably kill everyone emotionally. Now, instead of figuring out how many hammocks an individual gets based on their rats, maybe we could do a simple “starter pack” like a flat hammock, a corner hammock, and a tiered hammock.

Let’s say we got a group together and we’re donating to rescues. Each person could suggest a rescue and we make a list. We decide a flat number of hammocks to donate depending on how many people are in the group, so everyone only has to make one or two each, ideally. Even if we only have five people and each person makes two hammocks, that’s ten right there!